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Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Your phone will now connect to another phone even without internet and bluetooth

Your phone will now be connected to another phone even without tech tips / internet and bluetooth, this is how this new app from Google will work

Google has launched its new app. The name of the app is WifiNanScan app. With the help of which you can connect the smartphone users around you. The WifiNanScan app is currently built for developers. So he can experiment with wifi. By the way, WiFi Aware is a Neighbor Awareness Networking that helps smartphone users connect to each other.

You need to have Android version 8 or above of the smartphone to connect to each other. It all connects using the surrounding network so that users can share data or messages.

The advantage of the app


You can securely send documents to the printer using the network used by the app. All that work will be logged on the network without anyone.

You can make reservations at any restaurant without any internet connection. All this work can be done 
without an internet connection. It is also possible when the restaurant is closed.

-Scheck and roll call can be done manually in school.

In Airport Security, Customs, Immigration you can checkin without any ID. You can easily download 
this app from Google Play Store. The app can work in areas ranging from 1 meter to 15 meters. 
Developers, OEMS and researchers can use this tool to calculate range and distance.

Now you don't need to be together to connect your mobile with another mobile. You can connect with anyone from any place and exchange anything through this post. You will find this information very useful. You can connect to any mobile from anywhere. For this you have to do as per the information given in this post. Then you can connect to any mobile from any place.

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