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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

How to Change Video Background Quickly Without Application

Still like using the green screen to remove or change the background of your video ? Well, that way is old fashioned! Now you can immediately delete your video background automatically even just using a smartphone .


The sophistication of today's technology is growing so rapidly. More and more technologies are emerging that are beyond our understanding. In line with these advances in the field of visual video also experienced many improvements. If you are a big fan of action or fantasy films, you will often find parts of the film with amazing backgrounds. This is actually inseparable from the green screen or green screen.


The purpose of using a green screen is to make it easier for editors to change the location of the film to another place or even not in this world.

In addition to films such as above, we often encounter the technique of removing the background or using a green screen . For example in gaming videos, learning or other videos that need a video background change.


Currently video content is preferred more than ordinary image content, but in certain situations we may need to remove the background from the video we are making. There are many things that underlie us to remove the video background. Maybe because there are objects that don't fit, so it requires us to change the background . Well, if you have a PC computer or laptop that has been equipped with after effects class software , it might be an easy thing to remove the video background .

However, what is the solution if you only have a smartphone in hand? To find the answer please follow the tutorial below.


1. The first step, open your favorite browser application (chrome recommendation). Then in the search field, type Unscreen . Tap it and go to the Unscreen site Next, tap the Upload Clip menu to enter the video file you want to remove the background from.

2. Your video background will automatically be deleted. Tap the video menu to change the video background that has been provided on the unscreen site You can also add your own background video files by tapping the plus icon or the Select File menu Then scroll to the bottom and tap the download menu to save the video file. There are 3 options that you can use to save files, namely Gif, animated PNG , and Single frame .


Who doesn't like to create video content and make the videos look more interesting? With the tips above, you can easily change your video background until you find a suitable background . No need for high skills and adequate equipment, you can also remove the video background easily.

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