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Saturday, 23 October 2021

How To Hide Video Audio File In Android Mobile

 How To Hide Video Audio File In Android Mobile – Friends, today I will tell you how you can Hide Video, Audio, Files in your Android Mobile. Friends, there is some such video or audio file. Which is very important for us. Here we have personal, which we do not want to share with anyone else. Because of this we do not show our phone to anyone. But we can install any app from play store to hide them.

There are many such apps on the Play Store. Which help us to hide our data. But sometimes some apps also leak our data. Due to which we get a lot of trouble. If you want to know more about it. So you must read our article till the end.

How to hide pictures and videos in your mobile without any app

Friends, many people install many apps from play store. So that he can save his data but do you know. You can also save your data without downloading the app from Play Store. For which I am going to tell you some tips. You must follow those tips.

  • Friends, first you have to select that file or that video. Whatever you want to hide.
  • And as soon as you select your file or video. After that you have to click on more option inside your file manager. On clicking, the option of Rename will appear in front of you.
  • Then you have to click on the option named Rename. On clicking, a pop-up of Re name will appear in front of you.
  • Friends then you only need dot inside it. Click OK on the file.
  • Friends, as soon as you do this, Gallery All File Manager will hide that file or folder inside your mobile. And after Hide, if you want to see it again, then by clicking inside you and clicking on the option of Files and Folders.

How to Hide Files and Videos with the help of App inside Android Mobile.

So friends, now I will tell you how you can hide your files and videos with the help of an app inside your Android Mobile. For that you have to follow these steps again by following these steps. You will be able to hide any file or video.

  • Friends, first of all you have to open the Play Store inside your phone.
  • And then you have to install it by searching AppLock there, after installing you will open it.
  • Friends, then you will find a new app inside your phone called Audio Manager.
  • Then friends, two options will come in front of you, the first may be password and the second will be PIN, you have to select any one of them. And then you have to set your password there.
  • Then whatever apps you see above the vault screen. You can hide them by clicking on Hide.
  • And if you want to change all these, you can change it by going to its settings.
  • And if you want to see your hidden videos or files again. So you have to long click on the audio manager app. After that by entering the password, you can watch your video or file inside it.


Friends, I hope you have liked the information, if you liked the information, then you should pass it on to more people. So that they can also get this information.

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