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Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Mini Foldable Portable Washing Machine

Mini Foldable Portable Washing Machine

Today, most homes have a washing machine that cleans your clothes every day.  But those who are studying, working or living alone usually wash their clothes themselves.  If you are also one of such people, then you have the option of Washing Machine, which you can buy very cheaply.  This Washing Machine is affordable as well as portable and very small and you can use it without any hassle.

This small Portable Washing Machine is now available under Rs.2,000.

Bucket Shape Washing Machine

 Hilton 3 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is as small as the size of a bucket and you can store it in any room.  This Semi-automatic Washing Machine (Washing Machine) comes with a capacity of 3 kg and you can wash five to six clothes at a time.  It also gives you a special spinner attachment, which you can use to dry clothes as well.  It can be easily accessed by plug-in.

It is quite light in weight and has automatic power off facility, which also saves electricity.  Washing Machine (Washing Machine) comes with drawer basket and is priced at Rs.5,999.  But you can also buy it from Amazon for Rs 1994 by adding discount and exchange offers.

 Hilton Washing Machine Details and Purchase: Click Here

Foldable Washing Machine Tiffin Shaped

 On Amazon you will find another unique washing machine, which you can fold and keep after use.  Openja Mini Foldable Portable Washing Machine is a washing machine which you can use to make it small like a tiffin and keep it in the closet.  This is a USB powered, top loaded automatic washing machine that does laundry in 10 minutes.  This saves both electricity and water.  It usually costs Rs 9,999, but you can buy it on Amazon for Rs 5,399.

You will find many such Portable Washing Machine (Portable Washing Machine) options on Amazon.

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